Marcin Krzykowski



Hey there ! 👋

I am a recent college graduate wanting to break into the industry, develop beautiful web applications, make friends and overall have a positive impact 😊

My current area of interest is developing websites and web applications which work across range of screen sizes. I believe web is the future and I want to be part of improving it and making awesome stuff 🌐

I love running and excercising ! Physical shape is very important to me, so I can always perform at my 100% 🏃‍♂️ 🏋️

When not coding, I like to read and learn to stay up to date with all current technologies and improve my skillset 📚


Foodber - Tinder but for food.

You have a platform for choosing the right partner for you. But what about the right food ? Have you ever wanted to just swipe and see the 'right' meal for you ?

DrawingTogetha - Draw with your friends on a shared canvas!

Have you ever wanted to draw something with your friends ? A way where everyone can share and draw on a canvas from any device of any resolution ? Now you can! With DrawingTogetha you can take drawing with friends to the next level.